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FORMIK - download :

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A FREE (non-registered) version can be used FREE OF CHARGE (it is distributed as “freeware”), however, only first 15 fields of the form can be printed.

This limitation is cancelled by registering the program and more over, you will also become further advantages such as:

  • Consultancy via E-mail;
  • All later versions of the program FREE OF CHARGE.

You will instal the program by simply starting the downloaded file *.exe. In case you need it, you can uninstal it any time by the attached unistallator.


Development :
  • Version 2.16
    Automatically create serial numbers for import from text file
  • Version 2.15
    Bug fixed (system's message on opening of forms), Formik can be run also without installed printer now ...
  • Version 2.14
    Movement of the working files (Formik.ini, text.txt) into personal folder of user (My documents\Formik) - FORMIK can be used also by users with restricted rights also (User, Guest ...) ...
  • Version 2.13
    Bugs fixed (import)
  • Version 2.12
    Alignment of  "rows" and "colums" by actual field in form edit mode ...
  • Version 2.11
    PNG format support for form background images, form export into PNG and JPG graphic formats, export of data entered into a text file, possible setting of a background image display size in the program and resulting possibility to use background images with a higher resolution to achieve good quality printed outputs, automatic start of the program and bulk print from a command line, reworked and program integrated help, extended formatting options, field texts can be created automatically by combining other texts, correct saving and loading of fonts with other sets of characters, some operations are faster, a non-registered version can be spread as FREEWARE and the limit for fields has also been increased from 9 to 15, small appearance changes, a change in a registration system, ...
  • Version 2.10
    Change of registration system
  • Version 2.06
    Alternative control - Enter - jump to next field, PageDown / PageUp - roll of form
    Bug fixed - calibration of left and top margin
  • Version 2.05
    Bug fixed - refresh of actual field after click out of field
  • Version 2.04
    Modification of an import bulk print file for compatibility with standard text files (CVS, text separated with tabulators and other characters...) and trouble-free import of your data from Excel, etc., incorporated formatting of imported data according to field formats, a message when an attempt to save a form into a file with ”read-only” attributes is made, an additional option to run the program with a parameter for fast opening of a selected form and reading its data from an external source...
  • Version 2.03
    Export the form into a graphic file
  • Version 2.02
    Bug fixed - error message at creating of first field of new form

Copyright (C) Rastislav KORYTAR, 2002-2004